They Bleed Pixels is a fast-paced, gothic lo-fi, platforming beat'em up that drips, gushes and flows.
Available now for PC on Steam!

Featuring a distinct visual style that blends pixel art with paper and ink textures, They Bleed Pixels is a singular mix of intense platforming and fierce beat 'em up action. It tells the story of a young girl haunted by a mysterious book and her violent Lovecraftian nightmares.

Explore exotic dreamscapes populated with bizarre creatures... then stab them in the face.

They Bleed Pixels uses a simple one-button combat scheme with surprising depth at its core. Button mashing is discouraged while kicking shadowy monsters into saws, pits and spikes is rewarded thanks to a unique checkpoint earning system: instead of being evenly distributed at set locations, players must earn and place checkpoints through stylish kills. The more and better you kill, the faster you fill your checkpoint meter. Avoid combat or button mash mindlessly and you’ll find checkpoints uncomfortably far apart.

Kill enemies all fancy like.
Earn a checkpoint.
You choose when to place it.

TBP's one button combat system emphasizes strategic movement and environmental kills over complicated combos.

When a young girl arrives at the Lafcadio Academy for Troubled Young Ladies, she's unprepared for the violent nightmares that plague her dreams and transport her to other worlds. Worse yet, her dreams are intruding into her waking life, slowly altering her flesh into the demonic form of her night terrors. Can she destroy the mysterious blood-soaked book that appears to be the root of her troubles or will her transmutation from girl to clawed horror become complete?

Darkly cute story of ancient evil told through lush pixel art motion comics with professional sound design by Troy Morrissey and Indie Game Audio.

With full Steamworks support there's lots to do after you've completed story mode including individual level letter rankings, over 100 skill based achievements and online leaderboards for speed & score. Plus cloudsave means you can continue your game anywhere!

They Bleed Pixels includes a full albums worth of original electronic music by DJ Finish Him (aka Shaun Hatton) composed with synthesizers, unconventional instruments and gadgets often not meant for musical use.

Buy the full 2 hour soundtrack including outtakes and remixes not found in the game on Bandcamp.

We've invited three friends from the local indie game community to create bonus levels for They Bleed Pixels. We then worked with each of them to create visual mashups letting a little of their game worlds leak into ours.


They Bleed Ponycorns!
Ryan Craighton - Untold Entertainment
Mashups: Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

The father-daughter team behind the hit viral game Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure returns in the unlikeliest of crossovers. Featuring collectable ponycorns, crayon art, evil lemons, fountains of adorable pink blood and a ponycorns tribute mix by musician DJ Finish Him!


They Bleed Star Dust
Alex Bethke - Golden Gear Games
Mashups: Seraph
(formerly Starfall)
Golden Gear Games's Bethke brings a level visually themed around his game Seraph the top pick from the Experimental Gameplay Projects: High Velocity theme now available for iOS. Featuring a glowing shiny protagonist, abstract nightmares, an outer space background and punishing difficulty.


exp. issue 0.666...
(coming soon as free DLC!)

Mathew Kumar
Mashups: exp. 'zine
Journalist and designer Mathew Kumar’s acclaimed videogame 'zine exp. Magazine makes the jump from photocopier to silicon. Featuring black and white photocopy art, an extra rare copy of exp. minus two, and words like orotund, grandiloquent and turgid!


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