They Bleed Pixels is a fast-paced, gothic lo-fi, platforming beat'em up that drips, gushes and flows.
Available now for PC on Steam!

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“Gothic brutality shines brightly throughout this blocky, blood-soaked indie platformer.” - IGN

“They Bleed Pixels will make you feel like a magician with a gamepad.” - Hardcore Gamer

“Between its challenging platforming, unique save system and simple yet satisfying combat,They Bleed Pixels is an easy recommendation.” - Joystiq

“A Pleasurably Painful Way to Break In Steam’s Big Picture Mode” - Kotaku

“Like Super Mario Bros., or Katamari Damacy, Spooky Squid has created a formula that should rightly never end...” - Game Sugar

“An action platformer that will test even the hardest of hardcore.” - Gamezebo

“If you’re some sort of bizarro Edward Norton who feels like getting destroyed by something beautiful, you owe it to yourself to play They Bleed Pixels.” - 4 Color Rebellion

“They Bleed Pixels is everything I want from a 2D indie platformer and the bar has been set just a bit higher.” - Game Tyrant

“Above all it’s the humour of the game - which is so covered in pixelated blood it puts most other games to shame - that really lifts it into the realms of genius.”
- The Arts Desk

“Using just one button, those loveable fellows over at Spooky Squid have created a hypnotic fighting system with the depth of an ocean trench.” - Hidden Exit

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"...even though this seems like a particularly gory and violent affair, the whole thing comes off strangely (and morbidly) endearing." - Nightmare Mode - Inspiration and Evisceration in They Bleed Pixels

"the ideas that give They Bleed Pixels its thrust make me want to play the game immediately, and to hell with sleep." - Hidden Exit - How to squeeze a pixel till it bleeds: Spooky Squid speaks

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Game Sugar - Sept 2012 - Shaun Hatton talks about creating the soundtrack for They Bleed Pixels: Audio

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