They Bleed Pixels is a fast-paced, gothic lo-fi, platforming beat'em up that drips, gushes and flows.
Available now for PC on Steam!

Screenshots, trailers, fan art and remixes!

Trailer 5 - Launch
- August 2012 An overview of all of TBP's features and extras.
Trailer 4 - Countdown Trailer
- August 2012 Counting Down to Launch August 29th 2012

Trailer 3 - PC / Steam Announcement
- August 2012 Announcing our move to PC on Steam! Preview Footage
- October 2011 A short bit of new game footage we put together for a hands on preview

Trailer 2 - Unlockable Guest Levels!
- September 2011 Lots of new stuff added over the summer. Plus we announce guest levels by other game designers!
Debut Trailer
- July 2011 The debut trailer, lots of polish done since this was created.

Gamercamp - Teaser - November 2010 Sneak peak of a very early build shown at Gamercamp Level 2. What a difference 2 years of development make!


They Bleed Pixels fan art from around the web. If you've created some art inspired by the game give us a shout!

By @8bitbadguy check out her tumblr for more art.
By Pixiv member スカポン太 aka @sukaponta
Hand painted T-shirt by Max Brown @fellowhumanoid
Voxel art by @StegerGames from Stegersaurus Games
By @maybemumkin check out her comics.
TBP musician @djfinishhim surprised us with this tribute.
By Pixiv user じゅうに includes the Sissy pallete swap variant.
By Seamus Vaughan. Check his blog for more art.
By Edward Chee. Created on a 3DS, view it in 3D on Colours!
By Adam Hines from Guys with Pencils.

By Twitter user Bakufreak.
By Simon Palmér. Check his Deviant Art page for more art.
By Deviant Art user Giliorin .
New art by Pixiv member スカポン太 aka @sukaponta.
Image with 3 other "Goth Girls"
by Pixiv member スカポン太.
By Deviant Art member Kartprowler.
By Deviant Art member xbunnylace.
Created by Kyattsuai for 4 Color Rebellion's TBP review.

By Twitter user MECHA_crazy.
By Deviant Art member tibblewinkles.
By Martin Pelletier.

By Pixiv member bbbbbb.

By Deviant Art member Knattoh.
By Deviant Art member PulseFlux.
By twitter user sebxup.
By pixel artist Chiyou.

By 3D artist Aram Lee.
By Deviant Art member Scott Hannah.
By Pixiv member NMRU185u.
By Pixiv member pino.

By Pixiv member ZIG.
By Pixiv member めぐり.
By Pixiv member
By Zoe Quinn for an article in Pixels or Death.

By Deviant Art member Nyamsuren.

More musical then visual? Send us your remixes of DJ Finish Him's killer score!

Macabre Remix by kingkrool

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